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General Order Supplies

General Order Supplies for your Office

Vorson is a general order supplier company. We take pride in offering a wide variety of general order supplies that meet the needs of many different businesses. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find everything on your general order supplies list in one place. Whether you run an office, a construction site, a healthcare facility, or any other kind of business, we have a diversified product catalogue to ensure that our clients can find everything they need under one roof. Plus, if your business has unique needs, we can customise products just for you. With our commitment to quality and affordability, we're here to support businesses of all sizes and help them run their businesses smoothly.

Our Services

Industrial Supplies

Vorson is a leading industrial equipment supplier, offering a diverse range of high-quality products, from essential tools and industrial safety equipment to advanced machinery, safety gear and industrial plumbing supply. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability and quality, Vorson is a trusted partner for businesses seeking dependable industrial supplies to support their growth and success.

IT Equipment & Accessories

With a dedication to excellence, Vorson has built a strong reputation for delivering top-quality IT equipment and accessories. Whether you require computers, networking solutions, computer accessories, laptop accessories, computer peripherals, or cables, Vorson has you covered with reliable options. We source our equipment from reputable manufacturers and make sure that you receive IT equipment and accessories that you can rely on to keep your operations running smoothly.

Electronic Appliances

Vorson provides general order supplies of all types of electronics and home appliances. Our commitment to delivering outstanding service and top-quality products has made us a trusted name in the industry. Be it domestic electronic appliances, electric kitchen appliances, office gadgets, easy home appliances or any other type of appliances, we supply them all. We source our products from renowned manufacturers known for their reliability and innovation. Each electronic appliance in our inventory is carefully selected to make sure you receive the up-to-date technology and the best value for your money.

Grocery Items

Vorson is one of the leading suppliers of Office Grocery. Our primary focus is to simplify the process of acquiring grocery items, making it hassle-free and convenient for your workplace. With our service, you can expect a wide selection of grocery items list to choose from, ranging from fresh fruits and snacks to pantry staples and beverages. We make sure to deliver the highest quality products sourced from trusted suppliers to guarantee your office receives only the best.

Stationery Items

Vorson specialises in providing a wide range of wholesale stationery items and corporate supplies to help businesses run smoothly. We provide general order supplies of pens, paper, notepads, files, staplers, calculators, and all the other essential office supplies. Our goal is to make ordering office supplies simple and convenient for you. We offer top-quality branded stationery supplies at competitive prices. At Vorson, you can trust that you are getting the best value for your company.

Electrical Items

Vorson is a supplier of electrical materials renowned for consistently meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability. From essential components like switches, outlets, and wiring to advanced solutions such as circuit breakers and surge protectors, Vorson ensures that customers have access to the best electrical accessories available. When it comes to electrical items, Vorson stands as a dependable choice for those seeking both simplicity and excellence.

Cotton Rags

Vorson is a supplier of bulk cotton rags. The rags come from flannel, jersey, sweatshirt, t-shirt fabrics and more. It is available in both bleached and non-bleached variants. These cotton rags can be used for light to medium-duty tasks of the manufacturing, painting and coating, oil and gas, and marine industries and are effective on oil, grease and various other types of staining.

Hardware Suppliers

Vorson is a trusted and well-established name in the world of hardware supplies. Our commitment to quality and reliability guarantees that you'll find the right tools and equipment for any task. Our comprehensive inventory includes everything from basic household tools to specialised industrial equipment. We provide office furniture, storage solutions, and hardware accessories for offices and businesses. Our industrial hardware selection includes heavy-duty machinery, safety equipment, fasteners, and construction materials, catering to the demands of large-scale projects.

Janitorial Items

Vorson is your trusted supplier of top-quality janitorial items. From cleaning chemicals and paper products to cleaning equipment and accessories, we have everything you need to keep your workplace sparkling clean. Whether you're looking for disinfectants, trash bags, mops, mop buckets, trash cans, or restroom supplies, we have you covered.


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We've always worked hard to make our clients happy. At the core of our philosophy lies the commitment to building lasting bonds with our clients. Here's what some of our clients have shared about their experiences with us.

We engaged Vorson to revamp our office interior, and the outcome is a testament to their expertise. Their ability to balance modern aesthetics with practicality is truly commendable.

Bilal Raza


Vorson did a fantastic job with our air conditioner. They knew exactly what to do to make it work great again. We're really happy with their service.

Waqar Abid


We're Vorson's repeat customers due to their dedication and productive approach. We've always seen value in their work.

Hashim Amir


I have seen dedication in this team. The way they handle the pressure to complete the project's construction on time while maintaining quality standards is truly commendable.

Asif Rehman


We found Vorson professional and committed to their work. Their staff is well-equipped with the latest technology and expertise in the field.



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Vorson has a broad and diverse client base, serving companies of all sizes, from small businesses to globally recognised multinational corporations. Our valued clientele includes:


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